Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoy Your Friends' Wedding in an Affordable Way

Wedding is the most memorable day in one's life. It also very important for the people who are invited to attend the wedding, you have to prepare for a wedding gift. Wedding gift is needed, but it doesn't mean that it should be as expensive as possible; you can still enjoy the wedding in a very affordable way if you know the detailed ways. Here I will introduce you four of them.

Firstly, don't postpone your shopping. As soon as you know the happy couple is registered, go online or to the store and pick out your gift. Shopping early assures the best selection -- and the selection that matches your budget. Alternatively, a gift card to the store is always a good idea, and since you choose the amount, you know it will fit your budget.

Secondly, please shop around for better prices. Registries can be helpful and convenient, but just because the couple is registered at a certain store doesn't mean you have to purchase an item there. If you find an item on the registry you wish to give, you can search for the same or similar product at a lower price either online or at other stores. This can be particularly effective for many items.

Thirdly, you can also go in on a group gift. Check with other wedding attendees about the possibility of sharing the cost of a more expensive gift that's out of your budget. Along with what is on the registry, splitting costs on a couple's spa package or dinner at an upscale restaurant can make for a well-received gift.

The last but not the least one is to get sentimental. Gifts that come from the heart always leave a lasting mark, while being easier on the wallet. Make a picture collage or album of the couple from childhood to the present, create a personalized craft item, or write a letter telling the couple why you think the two make a perfect match.

All these ways are easy to carry out, so it's never difficult to enjoy your friend's wedding in an affordable way. Anyway, I only want you to be happy for invited to a wedding, because it's lucky and happy to know that you are special and important to your friends.