Sunday, September 2, 2012

Five Secret Tips to Save Money for a Wedding

For new couple who are planning a wedding ceremony, the worst thing should be that they find their wedding budget limited. Of course everyone wants to hold a big and memorable wedding, but there are still some ways to save money during the planning. Here I'm going to introduce some of the secret ones.

First off all, you can keep the affair small. Most caterers and banquet halls charge per person, so the smaller your list, the better. The more people you invite, the more money you'll need. So, if you are on a tight budget, stick with close family and friends. Later, host a more casual event, such as a cocktail party or casual dinner. In fact, these can be also more memorable than a common wedding.

Then you can also think long range. If your budget can't support the sort of affair you had in mind, and you do really want that, consider setting a later date for the wedding to give yourselves a year or more to save.

Thirdly, please skip the less important details or think about a alternative. Food is a major wedding expense. Buffet meals are cheaper than sit-downs, so you can consider buffet rather than a serious banquet.

You can also make your own music because disc jockeys and bands can be expensive. But thanks to online music sites and mp3 players, you can create your own playlists, connect the device to speakers and dance all night for practically nothing. Music devices also can be used at the ceremony, or check with your local high school or college about hiring a pianist or violinist for the ceremony.

The last thing is to get a hand with the honeymoon. Some travel agencies and online sites offer honeymoon registries that allow wedding guests to make monetary contributions toward your trip. Getting married during the off-season may mean your travel destination might be off-season, too, and therefore less expensive.

After all these fantastic ideas, I'm sure you can save a big sum of money in your wedding. After all, it is your significant other rather than the wedding party that is the most important thing for you, right?