Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Classic bridal bouquet

Another classic bridal bouquet is the arm sheath. It's a vertical arrangement that's cradled over on one arm, instead of being held at the center of the body. This one's suggested for brides who'd like an elegant bouquet that's not as formal as the cascade. It brings a more casual or garden feel and can even add a fun element to the look of the bride. It's also an exclusive design for the bride with the members of her entourage carrying flowers of a different arrangement.

Cluster bouquets like posies, nosegays, and ballerinas are today's popular handheld flowers for weddings and cheap wedding dresses. They aren't only excellent choices for brides who'd want a more modern, simpler arrangement, but they can also be made for bridesmaids. The bride can have a full-size cluster bouquet, while each bridesmaid can carry a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. They can also vary in the type and color of flowers. This style, since it's carried right about the middle part of the body, is not advisable for those who may have a bit more weight on the hips.